Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Catnip Mice

I had joined a "group" called The Spotted Box a few months ago. You make samples of your work, send it to the group leader, and she packs them in various boxes and then sells the boxes on etsy ( or hyenacart ( It's a great promotional tool as the people who buy the boxes see your work and maybe order from you. I've only sent once so far.

This time I decided that I wanted to send for December. So, instead of making just 20 samples, I made 60. If you send 60 or more you get a free box. My intention was to get a free box so I could see what other shops make, how they package their samples, etc. So, I made 20 each of mini felt dog bones, coasters, and catnip mice.

The catnip mice were by far my favorites. They turned out so cute--and my own creation to boot! I just had to post a blog about them and a picture. I'm considering making some more of these along with bigger bones to sell in my etsy shop. I may sell them three in a package since they're small--and since cats tend to lose their toys lol.