Monday, July 9, 2012

Surprise for Me

Look what came for me last week! It's not my b-day and I didn't even ask for it. I'm not sure what the reason behind my getting this is.  You see, Mike got an I-Pad a couple weeks ago. For some reason he decided to get me the Kindle Fire. I already have a Kindle which I LOVE--and never asked for the Fire. But he thought I should have one (and really, who am I to argue) and so he ordered me one.

 I LOVE it!! It's a lot more portable than my laptop. I can take it out on the deck or in the bedroom to check my email, tweet and get on FB. Plus I can play games. Oh those games. I made the mistake of downloading Angry Birds. Oh those menacing little pigs! I still can't get past the first levels on some of them.  

Anyway...I haven't actually read any books (or downloaded any) yet because I still have a few books on my other Kindle I want to read first, but I've been told that the Fire is much better to read on than the Kindle. Will definitely be checking that out. There is one drawback: the battery doesn't last too long on this thing. Must be those menacing little pigs.  Oink.