Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kids Day Event

Yesterday I set up a booth at a Kids Day Event held at our local Market House in town. I was hoping I would do well since most of my items are geared for babies and children--and guess what--I did!! It was such a BIG relief compared to the last show I did (only made $27). The man who organized it is planning to make it a yearly event, so I can't wait until next year! A lot of people were truly interested in my items and a few took my cards so I hope I get more local business from it. My main goal was to get my brand out there locally and I think I accomplished that.
Practice Booth Pics

 It was also a ton of fun! I had the PERFECT spot--right next to all the entertainment! There were clowns that were making animal balloons, face painting, and just entertaining the kids (who LOVED them!). There was also a pretty lady there who danced with hula hoops (she was SO amazing!), a band (which actually wasn't very good at all), and a DJ (who played golden oldies). So I got to watch the kids get their sweet little faces painted, try out hula hooping, and dancing. So cute!
Face Painting
Hula Hoop Dancer

 My biggest selling items were hair clippies and pins--mostly owls, flip-flops, and kitties:

 I also sold a bear tooth fairy plush, a couple of Cuddle Monsters, and a couple of aprons (size 3/4 seemed to be the favorite)
Oh--and did I mention the cute vendor apron I made for myself :)
 All in all it was a very good day and I truly enjoyed it!