Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Belle's Block Part 2

Some time ago I had written a post about the memorial block I had made for one of my nieces. After I had sent a picture of it to my mom and two nieces, they each wanted one for themselves. I decided rather than doing blocks (because they are a bit big and would be hung from a rearview mirror) I would try to find another way to make them. Today I finally got around to working on them!
These were made for my mom, oldest niece, and her youngest sister. The first one is for my mom--it's my niece Amy holding Belle when she was born, and my mom who was present at her birth. The second is my oldest niece Mandy (Amy's older sister) holding Belle the day she was born. The third is my niece Angie (Amy's younger sister) taking a little nap with Belle on Christmas Eve of 2000 (Belle passed away the following March). I thought these would mean a bit more than just a picture of Belle herself. I put her name and dates on the backs.

These were made using printable fabric (that I made myself), background fabrics, ribbon, and stiff, heavy Pellon interfacing. Making the printing fabric and printing the pictures took the longest. I think they were well worth the effort tho. I decided not to tell my mom or nieces I finally got them made--I'm just going to send them and surprise them!