Monday, January 26, 2009

Moved Fabric Albums

After having difficulties with Photobucket, I have decided to move my fabric albums to another site. So, I chose Shutterfly. I really love it! Very easy to use and it has a couple of features that I really needed. I can make folders and then have categories in each folder. For example, I have my main folder "Fabrics" and in that folder there are my subcategories: animal, floral, novelty, babies & children, and misc.

I also like the website feature. After you download your pictures, you can then get your own website on which to feature them. It's so easy to use too because you can either download a picture at a time, or your whole album! Then you can rearrange them however you want.

It's really great for my fabric albums. Hopefully this site will make it a lot easier for my customers to browse through. If you're wondering why I have albums of all my fabrics--it's for custom orders. Sometimes a customer will see a product they like but would like it in a certain fabric. With pictures of all the fabrics I have in stock, they can see what I have and choose what they'd like. It's just a bit more convenient for the customers as well as myself.

If you'd like to check out my new album site, here is the link: Fabric Albums