Sunday, April 26, 2009

Christmas Day

Yesterday afternoon we had a Christmas get together. It was pretty fun and everyone came. Of course, I was basically the only one handing out Christmas presents, but that was ok. It was great to see everyone opening them and they all really liked what I made.

The kids loved their coloring totes and monster dolls. The women really liked their notepad holders, and the guys liked their things as well. I did have to tell them what the litter bags were, but that's ok. I figured I would lol.

I even gave my Dad a gag gift without meaning to. I made him a book weight and when he took it out of the box and held it up it looked like, well, man parts lol. I had to tell him what it really was lol. From then on he called them testes lol. So funny.

I also went to my great nephew Boogie's soccer game yesterday morning. I probably shouldn't have because I paid for it later. It was pretty hot out and we were sitting right in the sun. I got a migraine last night and I think that was the reason. I went to bed around 9:00 last night. I feel better this morning, but I think I should stay out of the sun for a couple of days. Just not used to that--or the heat.

All in all, I'm having a great time. Friday, I'm going to the zoo with two of my nieces and their little ones. It'll be fun. I haven't been to a zoo in years--I love the zoo. I plan to get lots of pictures.