Friday, February 6, 2009

Java Jackets

Here are my Java Jackets! I'm so excited by these. I did a little research to see the different varieties that people make and came up with my own unique idea: there is a tab on the back with velcro that attaches to the cup. I also added a pocket on the front of the jacket for money or gift cards! I will be making several more of these so look for them in my shop!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Card Wallets

I have just listed some cute little card wallets in my store today. These are great for cash, credit cards, coins, or receipts. They are small enough to fit in a jacket pocket or even the back pocket of your jeans.

These are one of the items that I'm considering giving away as promotional items when a purchase is made from my pattern store. I'm hoping it will encourage folks to stop and take a look at what handmade items I have to offer.

Using Up Scraps

Yesterday afternoon I decided that I would use up my smaller pieces of scrap fabrics. I had a drawer full of them. So, I brought out a few at a time and started cutting them into some smaller projects. I'll try to cut the rest today. I have quite a few things to work on now.

Needless to say, there will be some new items in my etsy store very soon! Glasses cases, checkbook covers, tissue packs, cup cozies, card wallets, and coasters just to name a few. They will all be unique because I had quite a few interesting fabrics lol.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sample Box

I am thinking of selling sample boxes in my etsy store. The box would have three to five samples of smaller items in it. These may or may not be items in my store . I came upon this idea because I had participated in The Spotted Box ( I didn't seem to get any orders from that, so I decided what if I made my own sample box with my own items instead? Customers could see a sampling of my handiwork before they actually purchased an item.

Also, I'm thinking of giving away a free sample of my work to those that purchase from my Lots O' Patterns shop. Maybe draw them to my Sassy store that way. I just need to find some way of promoting my Sassy store a bit more so I can draw some business there.