Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Projects

I have been working on some new projects for the past two days. For some odd reason, I
felt like working with paper. I have tons and tons of scrapbook paper (haven't scrapbooked in five yrs), so decided I should do something with it. So I started making mini envelopes. They're so cute!! They're just big enough to hold a gift card, money, or a business card.
Or you could punch a hole in them and use them as gift tags! I'm making them in an assortment of colors and styles.

I also tried my hand at making corner bookmarks. They came out pretty nicely with not too much muss or fuss lol. They just slip onto your book's page corner so your place is marked nicely.

I will be selling both of these items in my etsy store so be sure to check them out! I also posted pics of both in my Misc album here. I can make either of these items in colors or styles of your choosing (i.e. animal, colors, elegant, fun, etc.).