Friday, August 10, 2012

Practice Run

Tomorrow is my kids day event show so a friend of mine (thanks, Deb!) came over yesterday to help me figure out how to set up my booth. I didn't do a good job of it last year I don't think. I had too much stuff, it was too congested and biggest mistake: I closed off the front of the booth. So, to make this story short: here is how the practice booth turned out:

Lay-out. Scooter approved.
On the left peg board are all my cupcake toppers.
To the right of that is a small table and my purse/bag tree.
On the right pegboard are a variety of items:
hair clippies, boo boo bags, taggy toy sets, hanging baskets
and tooth fairy bears.

Little table for glasses cases & checkbook covers along with my signage and cards.

Where I will sit and table in front of me. 
Table has tissue cover cozies, notepad holders, couple of random kids' items 
and eye pillows

Head scarves. 
I-Pad, E-reader and book covers in baskets.
On table are coffee cozies, bibs/burp cloths and coasters

On quilt rack are bib/burp cloth sets and doll blankets
In basket are more blankets and cupcake & ice cream wall hangings.

I also have more purses, aprons, and some embroidered onesies that I will hang on the canopy. Now all I have to do is load it all in the car.