Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Gifts 2012: Pt. 1

This year, as every year, I made gifts for my relatives. I always make them gifts. They all love them, even the kids. So I just thought I'd write a short and sweet post showing you what I made this year. This post will be written in two parts since my family is rather large. Didn't want to make one post too overwhelming lol.

Before actual gifts were made, I had to make all the kids Christmas shirts. I did this last year and they loved them so I thought I would try to make it a new tradition. So these shirts were actually given before Christmas.
 I also made ornaments to put on the shirt packages so they could have something to hang on the tree. These three kawaii ornaments were for Mike's great niece, nephew and his mom.

 And these cute candy cane ornaments were made for my great nieces and nephews.

        This design was put onto a t-shirt for my dad because everyone calls him Pop.

       This sweet blanket was made for my almost 18 month old great niece Layniebug

                        My brother Bub likes to hunt so I designed this shirt for him. 

 This shirt was made for Levi, my niece Rose's hubby. Yep, he's a redneck! I also made her a southern girl shirt so they could be a matched pair.

 These cute shirts were made for my great niece Kayden who LOVES all the hair pretties I make her and Hello Kitty. also made her a Hello Kitty shirt with her name on it.

 This cute keychain was made for my mom since she seems to have to drive everyone around. I also made her a shirt that said, "Discover Wildlife: Keep the Grandkids" since she babysits two of my great nephews.