Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Ideas for the New Year

So now that it's another new year, my resolution is to focus, focus, focus on how I make items for my shops.  I have a bad habit of making only one or two of a new item instead of several at one time--so this year I am going to try to make one new item at a time--and several of that item rather than one or two. I also want to give myself a week to make as many of a new item as possible. This may help me to achieve my goal better. We shall see.

I did make a list for both of my stores of new items I definitely want to make this year, and I tried not to make it an unrealistic amount. Are you curious to see what I have in mind?

For my Lil' Bit Sassy shop I want to make:
  Children's aprons
  Doll Slings ( I have already made a prototype)
  Doll Blankets (also made one of these already)
  Pacifier/Teething Toy bibs (bibs that a pacifier or toy can be attached to)
  Baby/Toddler Bowl/Utensil holders (keep dishes clean in a diaper bag)
  Doll Diaper Bag Sets: bibs, diapers, changing pad, and wipes.

For my Schoolhouse Designs shop:
  Kitchen Sets: matching pot holders/hanging dish towels
  Potato Bags: use these to cook baked potatoes in the microwave
  Crochet/Knitting Needle cases
  Make-up Organizer: a small open bag with several pockets
  Book-style Kindle/iPad Covers

I don't believe that list is too unreasonable. I do have 12 months to complete it after all. On another note: I am getting an embroidery machine this spring!! I am SO excited about this. Along with this, I plan to make embroidered shirts and other items. I can also personalize items already available! I am hoping this feature will boost my sales somewhat. I've had several requests to personalize my art aprons and now I will be able to do it in a more professional way.