Friday, April 17, 2009

All Ready!

I am VERY excited about my vacation! Tomorrow afternoon, I will be down south! I started my packing last night. Have almost everything packed and ready to go (except for last minute items). I'm trying to use just one big suitcase because they charge for each bag. What doesn't fit, I'll be sending down via UPS. Believe it or not, it will probably be cheaper than just taking an extra bag with me. Crazy! So right now I'm in the process of deciding what to carry with me and what to send.

I'm not taking many clothes, but I am taking Christmas presents so therein is my dilemma with trying to fit everything in one bag. If it weren't for those, I could get away with a medium sized bag instead of my large one.

Tomorrow night, I'll be going to my great nephew's (who I call Boogie Face) b-day party. He'll be seven. I don't know if he knows I'm coming or not, but wouldn't it be fun if he didn't and I just showed up at his party??

I only have a couple of projects to make (which won't take me long at all) before I go, so I'm good to go! I decided not to take any fabric or anything with me and I don't have time to cut out any projects beforehand. I'll be going to JoAnn's while I'm down there, so if I get the sewing bug before I get home, I can always buy what fabric and supplies I'll need.