Friday, June 25, 2010

Christmas Bags Finished!

                                                             Bags for three of my nieces
I know this seems like a very strange post for June, but you see, we have started a new "tradition" in my family.  Since I only see my family once a year, and rarely at Christmas, I decided last year that I would no longer send gifts down south. Instead, I would take them with me (or send them ahead) and give them out at my yearly visit. It was such fun and the younger kids really enjoyed opening gifts in May (which was when I went down last year).  Plus I get to see if everyone likes what I made them.  So, that's why this is a Christmas post in June.
                                                        Little Wonder Bags for teen nieces
Now, usually I ask everyone what they would like for me to make. Since most don't know, I just decide for myself.  This year, some of my family are getting new bags. This includes all my teen nieces (because let's face it, what teen girl doesn't like a thousand bags) along with my younger nieces.  My one brother did request geocache bags for him, his wife, son, and daughter-in-law, so that's the type of bags they're receiving.
                                                                   Geocache Bags
What DOES amaze me when I make everyone bags is how different and varied their tastes are from one another. For instance, three of my teen nieces who are sisters chose such varying fabrics: horses, bright hearts, and skulls.  While my brother and his family also chose a variety of fabrics: cats, wolves, Tinkerbell, and Philly Eagles. But, that also makes it interesting I suppose! And they probably won't grab another's bag by mistake.

As for the rest of my family, well, I'm not quite sure yet.  I was thinking snack bags for the rest of the men to use in their lunchboxes, and maybe place mats with matching napkins for the rest of the gals.  I did make two of my younger nephews tool aprons (which I also sell in my store) but I have three more nephews whom I haven't yet decided what to make. Sometimes it's difficult having a large family but I wouldn't change it for the world!