Thursday, August 5, 2010

Refrigerator Magnet Baskets

A couple of months ago I had a brainstorm. While browsing in a dept. store I came across letter magnets. I remember these from when my nieces and nephews were younger. They LOVED these things! My Mom had them on her refrigerator and they would play with these for hours on end. And it wasn't just one or two nieces, but all of them loved those magnets when they were little. So, I thought, "What could I possibly do with those?" And then it hit me--why not make a little basket that would hang on the refrigerator that the little ones could put them in?" I thought it was a good idea because another of the little ones' favorite games to play was putting stuff in a bag or box and taking it out--another thing that kept them entertained for hours. So I decided to combine the two and this is what I came up with.

I think it'd make a great gift--I priced them very reasonably and I'm also including a choice of either a set of letter or number magnets to go with them! I do plan to make more of these this weekend. These little baskets would also work on a dresser or shelf to hold small items or toys. I might even make some in "grown-up fabrics" and maybe different sizes for Mom (or Dad). So--we'll see how these sell!! I personally love them! Might have to make myself a few.