Saturday, August 24, 2013

10 Most Overused Phrases & Words

At the End of the Day: I've only heard this phrase used by celebrities like THE KARDASHIANS which in itself should tell you how stupid it really is. People only use this phrase to sound "hip" or "cool" or because it's the thing to say. Well let me tell you what it really makes you sound like: a MORON. Anyone who uses this phrase should immediately be punched in the face because At the End of the Day, you usually see stars.

That Moment When: you see this one A LOT on Pinterest with the vintage pictures that have the funny sayings. It's an absolutely unnecessary phrase. There's no need to say, "That moment when -- you're caught on the john in full push mode by your new boyfriend". I don't think I've ever had a "that moment when"--at least not the ones where this phrase is used. Basically this phrase just makes me want to stab you in the eyeball with a fork because you think you need to say it  before you say what that moment was or people just won't get it.

I Could Care Less: this is just a poor use of grammar. What needs to be said is, " I couldn't care less" which means "I could NOT care less". When one says, "I COULD care less" it just makes it confusing to those of us who actually know and can use proper English. But, I am sure that the people who don't care about grammar or spelling could probably care less about what I just said.

Yeppers: just what the hell is a yepper anyway and why would I want more than one? It sounds like some kind of Dutch vegetable. Would you like more yeppers with your lamb chop? Yeppers!

Cool Beans: personally I don't like my beans cold. I like them served hot, sticky and full of flavor. That being said, you could just use the word "cool" to get your enthusiasm across. The beans are not necessary. Unless you're serving hamburgers.

Whatever: this one is used by people who have neither a good comeback nor anything useful to say. So instead of just shutting up they have to get the last word in. Too bad that word makes you sound like a dimwit. People who use this word also get offended if you mention what a lame comeback that is. What's that you say? Whatever!

This, That and The Other: this phrase is usually used when someone is complaining about how awful their life is. It's the cousin of "If it's not one thing it's another". People who use this phrase are trying to convince you that they have crappy lives when usually their lives are no worse than anyone else's (drama queens). This little piggy went to the market, That little piggy stayed home, and the Other became bacon because he couldn't run fast enough. The end.

 I Know, Right?: I believe a valley girl started this one. It's generally used when someone agrees with what you've just said. It's another useless phrase really. You say something along the lines of, "McDonald's has the best fries." and your friend responds, "I know right?". Well of course I'm right or I wouldn't of said it in the first place! You know?

I Don't Give a Rat's Ass: Apparently rat's asses must've been quite popular at one time or maybe they just didn't sell well at the market so people had to start giving them away. Whatever the case may be, I don't know WHY people seem to think they need to use this phrase in place of "I don't care". I'd rather have someone who doesn't care rather than one who wants to give me a rat's ass.

Baby Mama/Daddy: to me this one shows lack of intelligence and class (like anyone who uses either of these phrases had class to begin with). It should not be "baby" but "baby's" (not babies because that's plural for more than one baby). Did you happen to forget the baby's mama's/daddy's name or what? Or is it just too hard to pronounce? Either way this phrase should be banned from the English language and punishable by locking whoever uses it in their room. For a month. With only peanut butter and jelly to eat. And they can change their own poopy diapers too.