Thursday, January 20, 2011

Doll Blankets

Back in early December I had a little contest where participants gave me ideas of new items I could make for my shop. I had two winners: Tiffany and Jan. Tiffany suggested doll blankets and Jan suggested a doll sling. I am happy to say that I made both and my winners liked their prizes.  I will have to tweak the doll sling a bit, but overall I think it turned out well and I did get the gist of what Jan was looking for.

Tiffany said that her daughter just loved the doll blanket--which makes me very happy. There's nothing more satisfying than making a little one happy with something handmade.  She's going to have a giveaway on her blog and the winner will receive a doll blanket that I will make especially for the contest. I will post the link when she gets it up on her blog.
I am happy to say that if you don't win the blanket or would like one now, you can purchase one in my etsy shop! I made a variety of them from pink camo to baby designs.  They measure 24" square with rounded corners and are also reversible! They will wrap an 18" doll (that would include American Girl dolls) nice and snug!  So, hop on over to my Sassy shop and get your little girl a one of a kind blanket for her baby!