Monday, May 25, 2009

What is Memorial Day?

I have just found out that someone had to do a Google search to find out what Memorial Day was all about. I cannot tell you how much that saddens--and worries--me. Is Memorial Day about a day off work and cookouts? No, it is not. It's about honoring those that served and died for our country so we could be free. It is not a "happy" holiday, it is a somber one. So, please don't wish anyone a "Happy" Memorial Day. And maybe, if you have time between grilling and playing games, remember those that gave their lives for this country. And if you happen to shed a tear or two for them, don't be ashamed of it. It shows you truly remember and appreciate what those brave men and women did for us. For our families. So we can have a day off work and cookout with friends and family. And if you do have a minute or two in your busy day today, maybe you could say a quick prayer for those that are still fighting for our freedom. Amen.

And PLEASE tell your children what this day is all about. Don't let them have to Google it to find out.