Sunday, November 25, 2012

Handmade Artist of the Week: A Bead Thing

If you read my last blog post you will see that I belong to a very special handmade group called Handmade Artists Forum. As a member I decided to join a blog ring for the first time. What's a blog ring? Well, it's a fun way to find new blogs from interesting people for one thing. For another, it's a great way--in this case--to find new handmade enthusiasts! I'm very excited about this because I love meeting new people--especially ones in the handmade community. You will never find more helpful or nicer people. 

As part of this blog ring, we have to feature a different crafter every week. This is the part I'm excited about because I'll get to meet crafters I've not met before and get to see new and exciting things they make!! So, let's get this party started shall we?

Our first artist is Pam from A Bead Thing. She's a retired realtor who lives in Florida and she makes beautiful jewelry. Here is an excerpt from her profile that tells you how she got started:

One day I was to go to a Halloween party and asked my daughter to take some of the beads and make me something to wear. She did and that was the beginning. She began playing around with the beads and we began to buy more and more beads. The more I watched her play around, the more intrigued I became until one day I started playing around with them again. This did not take long at all and I was hooked. I have not stopped since. I began researching techniques and learning all I could about beading and checking out what others were doing and then realized that I was no longer depressed and that God had been working in my life with those beads for many many years. He continues to guide me and provide me with inspiration and I am thankful that He did not give up on me.

If you'd like to see what Pam has for sale you can view and purchase her items in several locations:

You can also take a look at her blog:
Or look her up on FB:
and Twitter:

And here are some of her lovely creations!