Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Super Heroes

Today I finished the accessories for my niece's and her two little boys' (referred to as Tater Tot and Monkey) super hero costumes. If you don't recall, or didn't see, I wrote a post about their super hero capes  that I had made them some time ago. They were SO excited when they got them and my niece thought it would be really cool if they were all super heroes for Halloween. 

So, I have been busily making their matching masks, wrist cuffs and belts (niece deferred a belt and wanted a headpiece instead). I had made them masks when I made their capes but I thought for Halloween I could amp it up a bit and make some really cool ones! 

They were easy enough to make in and of themselves but took some time because I had to design the logos. Then I had to figure out what style of cuffs and belts I wanted to make. After I cut out my niece's headpiece I thought the cuffs might look neat if they had that rounded top on them too, so I just made myself a pattern using it. You can find the headpiece (and cape pattern) at FuddieDuddies on etsy.

For the belts, I decided simple would be best so I just cut out some felt 3" wide x the length of my nephews' waists plus an inch (i.e. Tater Tot has an 18" waist so I cut it 19"). Then I just attached velcro to the ends. For the "buckles" I cut out shapes on my Slice machine and then embroidered their logos onto those. I used heat 'n bond light (if you're not embroidering them you can use heavy) to fuse them onto the belts (no sewing!).

As for the masks, I found a great tutorial on Cutesy Craft's blog. She had Thor, Batman, Ironman, Wolverine, Spiderman, Hulk and Captain America. I used Wolverine for my niece's and Ironman for Monkey's. 

And that was it! I hope they enjoy their costumes and I can't wait to see them in them!