Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Job

Some of you may know that I recently got a temporary job for the census bureau.  I will be an enumerator, which basically means that I will go to houses that the census did not get a questionnaire from and try to urge the people/person who lives there to help fill one out.  This job is only temporary and will end on June 21st, but hey, a job is a job and I really need the money.

Training started last Tuesday.  I cannot even put into words how boring it was. Eight hours sitting in a hard chair (even an ass blanket didn't help) every day for four and a half days, listening to the same things being repeated time after time. Let's just say it was extremely hard to focus and not fall asleep.  The best training day was Thursday because we only had to sit in class a half day and then went out in "the field" for the afternoon.  It was so nice to get outside and off those darned hard chairs.  My butt was certainly thankful.

Friday, it was another day of "training".  It wasn't as bad though because we basically went over the problems we had the previous afternoon and any questions we might have had.  And trust me, there were plenty of both. Turned out to be interesting because the people who did the map spotting (marked the roads and houses we have to enumerate) did a pretty piss poor job.  There were roads/streets that were nonexistent, with houses I might add, that we had to enumerate.  How you do that with a non-existent road and house I have no idea!  It was nothing but a mess. So, I shall have fun this week trying to figure it all out to say the least.

Regardless of how difficult it may be because of bad map spotting, etc. I am looking forward to it.  I'll get to meet new people, get some exercise (I plan to walk as much as possible), maybe get yelled at or told to get off someone's property, and who knows, maybe even get bitten by a dog or two! Good thing they're paying me well.