Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Belle's Block

 For those of you who may not know, nine years ago my family lost a precious gift. Her name was Isabella but we called her Belle. Belle was taken from us at only 3 1/2 months of age due to SIDS.  It was the most difficult thing my family has ever been through. It is difficult enough to lose a loved one, but when that loved one is so young it's so much more difficult.  But we came together, provided each other (and especially my two nieces) strength and support, and we made it through because that's what families do. We may have times when we don't all get along, but when we need each other, we know we're there for one another.

 After Belle passed away, my niece, Amy (her mom) had given family members a pink ribbon to hang from their rearview mirrors in their cars to remember her by. It happened that  Amy's sister Rose was a bit too young at the time to receive one.  Now Rose is 17 and has her own car so Amy had asked me if I could make a block, similar to fuzzy dice,  because she could no longer find the ribbons, for Rose.  So that is what I did today. It was my first try at making a block and it didn't turn out perfect, but I hope Rose likes it just the same.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Book Review: Nursery Stitch

If you are like me, you absolutely LOVE books--especially craft books. Since crafting seems to be the "in" thing now, there is no shortage of wonderful books for every type of craft. Personally, I sew, cross stitch, do plastic canvas, and a little bit of paper crafting, so these are the books I usually purchase.  I have so many crafting books in my collection that I love, that I thought it might be fun to review one each week! The books I will review will not be hard to find, and I will try to provide links so you can purchase your own copies.

So--on to the first book to be reviewed! I just happened to purchase this book today at JoAnn Fabrics (with a 40% coupon of course!). I saw it there last week and couldn't wait to get my flier with my coupon so I could buy it! It is called "Nursery Stitch" by Rebecca Shreeve and features 20 adorable  projects to make for babies.  Along with applique designs you can use on purchased items, such as bibs, towels, pillowcases, socks, and clothing, there are also some very cute projects you make yourself like toys, mobiles, a rabbit blanket, fleece bear hat, and a dog draft stopper.

I am very happy with this book and all it's adorable projects! If you'd like to purchase a copy of your own, either check your local JoAnn store,  Barnes & Noble, Borders,, or Amazon.

Faces Pets Entry

I am entering my chinchilla, Rocky, for the weekly pet faces photo contest. This picture was taken after I made him a new hammock and he had to test it out. Rocky is 12 yrs old and I've had him since he was 12 weeks old. He's such a sweetie.