Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I'm so excited---I have from today until after the 1st off work!!! My
boss closes the shop down for the holidays and inventory. Plus she's
getting the old carpet ripped out and putting in hardwood floors so
it'll be a "new" place when I go back!

I'm also excited because I have quite a few ideas of things I want to
make for my etsy shop and now I'll actually have some time to do it!!
I know you girls know how I feel about wanting to make this and that
and never having the time--gets frustrating!

I'm thinking of making purse sets--the purse with matching accessories
like checkbook cover, notepad holder, tissue pack---what do you think?
Do you think people would be more interested in those or if they were
just sold separately? I may try just a couple of purse sets to see.

Anyway, I just had to share my excitement over my vacation. Oh--and
I'm feeling a bit better too--I haven't been in near as much pain as I
was a week or so ago. Hopefully I'll stay that way during my vacation
so I can sew lol.