Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shops Closed/Craft Show

It seems that etsy found it necessary to close both my shops. I won't get into the reason why (ok they said infringement issues). So now I only have my website (which has had no sales yet) and I also opened a site on Lilyshop's site.

Now it's back to the drawing board and having to start all over again. Trying to get people to find you is the hard part, getting them to buy from you is even harder. I'm crossing my fingers that people will find me in either place and start buying. I want to do as well as I was doing when etsy closed me down. I really hate the thought of going back to no sales at all or very sporadic sales. Really adds to the stress level if this is what you do to earn a living.

In the meantime I'm trying to get ready for the Kids Day event in a couple weeks (August 11th to be exact). This is the show I did last year that I did pretty well at. I'm hoping we have a day of great weather and there will be a nice turnout. Crossing my fingers I do as well as last year.

I have decided to sell other items as well as my kids items. Last year you were only supposed to be selling what the event was focused on (i.e. kids products) so I didn't take my other items like accessories, bags, etc. This year I'm going to have quite a variety of things. Hopefully parents will stop by my booth and find something they want. Figure I'd cover all bases.