Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Recipe: Stuffed Turkey Rolls

I used to work retail before I started my little online business.  During that time we always had to work Black Friday. It wasn't as bad as you may think. One reason being that the customers were generally in a great mood because they were just starting their holiday shopping. Another reason (my favorite) was because we had a potluck lunch. Everyone would bring something in to either eat or drink. One of my favorite things that a fellow coworker brought was stuffed turkey rolls. They were so good! Plus they looked relatively easy to make. So tonight I decided to give them a try--and they were just as good as Debbie's! And they were also as easy as I thought they would be. I thought I'd share the "recipe" for those of you who may be looking for something quick and easy to fix for dinner.

1 box of stuffing (I used turkey flavor but you can use whatever you like)
1 can of turkey gravy
1 lb of thick sliced turkey (mine was thin so had to use 2 pieces for each roll)

Cook stuffing according to directions. I substitute water for chicken broth. This is entirely up to you.
When stuffing is done, spread it onto a slice (or two if it is sliced thin) of turkey.
Slowly roll up turkey being very careful not to tear it. You may have to use toothpicks to keep it rolled up. 
Place in glass casserole dish and pour gravy on top. You can probably get more rolls than I did if your turkey is sliced thicker.
Cover and bake at 350ยบ for about 30 minutes or until hot. 
Serve with your favorite vegetable and that's it!