Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Smell of Spring

My favorite spring scent is lilacs. Oh, how I love lilacs! Such a pretty flower with a not-to-overpowering smell! They are one of my favorite spring flowers (I also enjoy tulips and daffodils). We happen to have a lilac bush in our backyard and a lilac tree in the front yard. For the past couple of years, they either haven't bloomed or they get hit with a frost before they can even blossom. Very disappointing.

Well, this was a good year for our lilacs. They were in full bloom when I got home from vacation this past weekend. I was SO happy to see them! So, today, I couldn't resist temptation and I cut a few blooms (don't worry, still plenty left on the tree!) and brought them inside. I arranged them in cups and put them in the bathroom, dining room, my computer room, and fabric room. They smell SO wonderful!!

I even cut some to try to dry out. I thought I might use them in sachets and eye pillows. Just imagine how wonderful your clothes would smell if you put a lilac sachet in your drawers (ok, that didn't sound quite right). Or how lovely it would be if you could lay down for a few minutes with a warm eye pillow over tired eyes and just breathe in the lilac scent. Oh, life would be wonderful indeed!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Home at Last!

I've made it back to PA safe and sound! Although the "safe" part of it was a bit sketchy when we flew into Erie. The winds were extremely gusty and they threw that little jet all over the place when we were landing. Talk about white knuckles! The humorous part was the fact that half the people on the plane headed straight for the bathrooms when we deboarded lol.

Although I miss my family, I'm glad to be home. I missed Mike and all my critters. My poor kitties were made to stay outside the whole time I was gone. But, Mama's home now so they can come in the house lol. I really missed my Scooter--she's my little lovey dovey. Although she's not little anymore! Mike had the audacity to let her grow up while I was gone. Now she's the size of Jinx (who weighs 13 lbs). Not quite as heavy, but just as tall and a bit longer.

Except for Saturday (the day I came home), the weather has been pretty nice. A bit cool compared to TN, but sunny. Today and tomorrow will be very nice days. Supposed to get to 65º today and 70º tomorrow. I've heard that it hasn't really warmed up here yet. I believe we'll probably go from winter to summer--no spring weather at all except for rain.

It was nice to see that the trees have gotten their leaves back and flowers are blooming while I was gone. When I left everything was still brown and ugly. The grass is even thick and green. PA is a pretty state when everything is green.

So now that I'm finally home, I'll have to get back to work. I plan to make some new items for my stores: wallet purses, tea pouches, and maybe even some dolls and stuffed animals. I do have two custom orders to work on first, but after that, I plan to get creative!