Friday, June 7, 2013

Patches, Patches, Patches!

So what's been keeping me busy lately? Patches and more patches. I've been making personalized patches, custom patches and super hero patches (LOTS of super hero patches). Several I have even designed myself! 
Emily used this patch for a T-shirt!
Whose buying these patches you ask? Well, some of the ladies on Facebook who make the CUTEST little girl dresses! They've been using my patches for the top portion of the dresses. 
Wonder Woman dress by Ivy's Place

Robin Tu-Tu dress by Baby Bee Couture
I must say I don't mind making them at all and they've kept me rather busy. They're fun and easy to make (entirely on the embroidery machine) and I rather enjoy it.

If you'd be interested in patches of your own to put on bags, clothes, hats or whatever you can find them in all my shops and on my FB page (look under "Patches" in my album section).

You can also find tank dresses like the Wonder Woman on Sharon's FB page Ivy's Place.

The Robin Tu-Tu dress was made by Briana and you can visit her FB page Baby Bee Couture

Emily also makes adorable dresses and you can find those on her FB page Sew Much 4 You 2 Love