Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My 1st Embroidery Project

 If you had read my blog a few posts ago, you know that I recently purchased my aunt's White 3300 embroidery machine. I didn't get much of a chance to use it when I first got it due to orders I had to fill (definitely NOT complaining about that!), so this past weekend I was determined to make time to play with the new "toy".

Well, things were not as easy as I thought they would be. My first tries were not good to say the least. And whatever could go wrong, did. First needles were breaking. Then the thread was getting bunched up under my fabric. Then it would skip stitches. Then it would get loopy on top. I was beyond frustrated by Sunday afternoon. I thought I would never learn how to operate this "easy for the beginner embroiderer" machine.

Well, we did figure out some things we were doing wrong. First thing was I had the fabric in the hoop wrong. That could explain the broken needles. Next thing we discovered was that you have to have the pressure foot up when you thread your upper thread otherwise it won't go between the tension plates. That could explain the loopy, skipped stitches.  Next thing was you have to use a lightweight cotton/polyester thread for your bobbin. That could explain the bunching thread underneath the fabric.

Now you may ask yourself why I didn't read the manual. I did. But some of these things were not in it. They were on the video that came with the machine. The video that I had wanted to watch over the weekend but Mike didn't hook the VCR up so I could watch it. I watched the video yesterday--when he finally hooked up the VCR. Wow, that sure would've been helpful to watch BEFORE I decided to try this "easy for beginning embroiderers" machine out.

Regardless, we finally did figure it out and I am happy to say that I made my first project with it. Now mind you, I still have to figure out a few things, like how to center designs, but all in all, I think it came out ok.
 These cute little animal designs are on the machine already. I made two of each design.  The backs are the same fabric as the lining of the bag. I plan to make four different sets of these little match games. I have designs picked out (that are also on the machine) for boys, girls, and one for either/or.  The decorative stitching on the game pieces I did with my sewing machine (ahhh so nice to work with after The Beast). So, anyway, that's my first project. I am hoping that from here on out I won't have so many problems again. Crossing my fingers!