Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's All Relative

I have been a very busy bee these past two weeks thanks to some of my, um, lovely relatives.  You see, I am the only crafter in my family. I do have a niece who does a little crochet but she's just started and doesn't have a lot of time to stitch since she has two (very adorable if I must say so myself) little ones. While my younger nieces like craft kits, they are a bit young yet to actually be "crafty" if you know what I mean. So, this basically means that I'm the only one who seriously crafts. Because of this, I am often receiving requests. I'm not complaining. As a matter of fact, these requests have made me put my crafty cap (that's sort of like a thinking cap, only for crafting) on. Which I don't mind a bit--as a matter of fact, I rather like it. Mostly because it challenges me and let's face it, life would be a bit boring if you weren't challenged now and again.

 Last week, I had one of my teenage nieces ask if I could make her a book bag.  She didn't want anything fancy (thank goodness), just something simple to carry a binder and a book or two. Oh, and maybe a pocket for pens and pencils. I must say, this project was by far the easiest request I've had thus far. It came out so well that I asked her two sisters if they also wanted one. Naturally they said yes and told me what fabric they wanted (Chinese dragons and Scooby Doo). I made all but Scooby (have to order fabric when my niece tells me which one--she is soooo slow) and sent them pictures and they love them--which of course makes me feel great. 

The next request (just yesterday as a matter of fact) was from one of my older nieces. Her little boy needed a small pillow for school and she couldn't find one anywhere. All she seemed to find were baby birth announcement pillows. She saw a picture of a monkey pillow I had posted on my FB page (I had made it for Mike's great nephew for Christmas) and asked if I could make one of a frog or turtle. I didn't think that would be too complicated since all I'd have to do is change the face a little. So I did. Another quick and relatively easy project.
 Well of course I couldn't make one for Tyler and not make one for his little sister Kayden because that certainly wouldn't be fair. So I decided to try and make a bunny. I think I need to round my ears a bit more because it looks more like a kitty to me, but she's not going to know the difference.
 So far, those are the only requests I've received. Oh--I take that back. When my niece saw the frog pillow, she asked if I could make a blanket to go with it. It never ends. But that makes me happy.