Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Yesterday I finally got up the nerve to move my filing cabinet containing my patterns to the bigger room upstairs. No problem moving it after I emptied it, but then I decided to reorganize the patterns a bit.

I have cross stitch, plastic canvas, some sewing, and some scrap booking patterns in the cabinet (it's a taller four drawer). I already had them in categories (i.e. animals, dolls, home dec, etc) so that wasn't a problem. However, I did go through them all and tossed some (don't worry--they were all freebies I printed out on the computer) that I didn't think I would use.

After doing that, I found room for my shipping supplies (envelopes, address labels, etc.) that I use for my etsy stores! I was pretty happy about that since I had all of it in a plastic container before. Now it'll be easier to get to and find when I have to send something I sold on etsy.

Now all that's left to do is to clean up the aftermath. Why is it when you decide to reorganize or "clean up" that you end up making a bigger mess? It's a good thing I have Thursday and Friday off!

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