Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WIP (works in progress)

Just an update on what I'm working on. Firstly, I have a diaper bag I'm in the process of making for my niece for a friend of hers. I'm very late with this project. She wanted it by the middle of this month and I just started it this weekend. I was just so busy with my new job, etc that I hadn't had time time to get to it. But I did manage to get it cut out, prepped, and got some of it sewn together. I had to get more fabric for the lining (did that yesterday) so I plan on definitely working on it this weekend.

I'm also planning on making reversible holiday coasters for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I had some really cute fabrics for those. I managed to get them cut out today while watching "Wife Swap" on TV this afternoon. There will be four different coasters (12 of each one). I hope these sell well as they're so cute when finished! I plan on putting some on my etsy site and maybe sending some to my other niece's massage shop.

I did manage to get a package sent to my niece's massage shop today that included Halloween bags (the same ones I posted here), glasses cases, checkbook covers, a wallet, and a purse. Hopefully they'll do well in her shop.

So, that's the latest Sassy news!! Will post pictures of the diaper bag when finished.

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