Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Eye Pillows

My niece owns her own massage shop. She had asked me if I could make eye pillows and cases for them. She said that her shop is decorated in a Tuscany style and wanted the cases to match as closely as possible. So, I went online to see how big an eye pillow was, since I had no idea, and took down the measurements.

I finally got the inclination to make them today. They came out very nicely. I filled them with rice so she can scent them herself and heat them if necessary. The prints I used were the closest I could come to in a Tuscany style. I made her four extra cases also. I hope they will do.

The black bags are the eye pillows themselves and the printed fabrics are the cases. I made her a total of six pillows and 10 cases. The first picture shows what the cases look like with the pillows inside of them.

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