Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Smell of Spring

My favorite spring scent is lilacs. Oh, how I love lilacs! Such a pretty flower with a not-to-overpowering smell! They are one of my favorite spring flowers (I also enjoy tulips and daffodils). We happen to have a lilac bush in our backyard and a lilac tree in the front yard. For the past couple of years, they either haven't bloomed or they get hit with a frost before they can even blossom. Very disappointing.

Well, this was a good year for our lilacs. They were in full bloom when I got home from vacation this past weekend. I was SO happy to see them! So, today, I couldn't resist temptation and I cut a few blooms (don't worry, still plenty left on the tree!) and brought them inside. I arranged them in cups and put them in the bathroom, dining room, my computer room, and fabric room. They smell SO wonderful!!

I even cut some to try to dry out. I thought I might use them in sachets and eye pillows. Just imagine how wonderful your clothes would smell if you put a lilac sachet in your drawers (ok, that didn't sound quite right). Or how lovely it would be if you could lay down for a few minutes with a warm eye pillow over tired eyes and just breathe in the lilac scent. Oh, life would be wonderful indeed!

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