Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cat Blankie Giveaway

Isn't this cat blankie adorable? These are so great for babies, toddlers, or younger children. They are made with soft, cuddly flannel and measure 19" wide x 22" high. They're small enough that a toddler can carry them around quite easily without dragging them on the floor. The face is made from fleece that has been hand embroidered and appliqued onto the head. Safety eyes will not come off.

These have been toddler tested and approved. How, do you ask? It just so happened that my friend had her two grandsons yesterday and when I showed them to the youngest (who is just under two years old), he loved them! These would make great gifts.

Now, that all that is finished, would you like to win one? Here's how: just tell me a funny children's story or something hysterical that they've said. You can also earn extra entries by posting this on your blog or tweeting about it (leave links for me and extra comment(s) that you've blogged and/or tweeted). That's all there is to it! Also make sure I have a way of contacting you if you are the winner. I will pick the winner on August 1st.

Good luck!


Tonya said...

Were do we right our story at? In the comment box?

Lil' Bit Sassy said...

Yes, Tonya, in the comment box. Thanks for entering!

Donna96808 said...

My favorite story was when we brought out first bunny home. My husband was dead set against having a rabbit in the house. At the same time, however, a neighbor's rabbit had a liter of bunnies and she was trying to find them homes. As my children were eagerly picking out their new pet, I was franticly trying to think up a way to break the news to my husband. After we arrived home, we placed the bunny in a box in my oldest daughter's room until dinner time, which was when my husband was arriving home. My youngest daughter was three at the time and was trying so hard to keep our secret. The second my husband walked in the door Jen said "Hi Daddy...we don't have a bunny in Melissa's room!" then looked back at us and winked LOL My husband didn't know whether to laugh or cry. LOL When I explained about our neighbor and her problem with the bunnies, he was fine with the idea. Peaches lived to be a ripe old age of 6 and brought us all years of joy.

Donna (

Tonya said...

When I was 17 my Mom and and little brother Dylan where at the mall looking for an out fit for me to get my Senior pictures taken in. We were at this rack of dress's and my little brother who was 3 at the time was trying to pull a hanger off the rack and he yelled come on you hooker! really loud! everyone just cracked up laughing.

MaranathaMom said...

Changing my clothes in the gym locker room yesterday, I put on a little tube top undershirt I refer to as my Cleavage Coverage (not that there is a whole lot to cover, but these attempts at modesty serve the added purpose of boosting my self-esteem, something even a Victoria's Secret bra has a difficult time doing).

Jazzy was sitting waiting for me to finish changing & noticed the undershirt,

"Is that to cover your boobies?"

"Yes, we don't want other people to see our boobies." After a short discussion on modesty & privacy, Jazzy concluded,

"Yeah, you got to keep your boobies in your shirt."

Well said. Hopefully she remembers this lesson when she is sixteen!

315brandi said...

Tonight my husband Jason, son Korbin (19 months), daughter Samantha (4-almost 5), and I went to Apple Bee's for dinner because I didn't feel like cooking. We were sitting down waiting for our food to come when I noticed that the tables there seemed really high (or the benches were really low), and I am not that tall... so I said
"Jason, I feel like I'm 5 sitting at this table with it up high on my chest."

My daughter (kneeling at the table coloring), sat on her butt and said (with the most serious face and voice)
"Daddy, I feel like I'm 3 when I sit like this because the table is up to my chin"!

My husband and I just died laughing!

I guess kids really do listen and pay attention to what their parents say to them.

Mar said...

Hi Rhonda, My story which I think is funny is about a time with my granddaughters. We had them for the weekend and staying in the hotel in northwest KS. We were going up the highway and the youngest granddaughter dropped her elephant on the floor of the truck. So my hubby tried to reach for it while he was driving cause it was behind me directly. He could not reach it so I unhooked my seatbelt and crawled up on the console and leaned in the backseat. As I was reaching for it a State Cop went down the road on the other side and looking at our truck. Hubby said now that your butt is in the windshield I sure hope that cop does not turn around and come after us. AS he said that I slid and got stuck in between the seats. Hubby was like you got to be kidding and the girls were laughing and saying help grandma, please grandpa. Well he had to pull over to get me out. Needless to say he wasnot happy. Then while we were getting everyone resettled in the truck on the side of the road here comes that cop. He asked us if something was wrong and the granddaughter that dropped her elephant said Yes, my ellie was on the floor cause I dropped her and grandma was trying to get her when she got tuck. The cop just shook his head and laughed. Needless to say grandpa told the girls to hold onto their animals tight cause grandma was not crawling out of her seatbelt till we got back to the hotel. And I have had to do this a few times after that too and hubby always says please hurry up, we do not need that cop to see your butt in the windshield again. But I would still do anything for my granddaughters too.

Lil' Bit Sassy said...

Everyone's stories were so funny that I had a hard time picking one. But I did decide on the winner and it is....Tonya! Yep, the "Hooker" got me lol.

Thanks to everyone who entered. I may be having another giveaway soon because this was fun!

Tonya said...

Yay I'm so excited! Thanks Rhonda!