Sunday, July 26, 2009

Taggy Toys

So what do you think? This is my newest project: taggy pillows! Aren't they cute? I was inspired to make these because my great nephew has a tag fettish. He has to have his blanket when he goes to sleep but not for the blanket itself, it's the tag he wants. That left me wondering what I could make for him that he would like as much as his blanket? Maybe some kind of toy with silky ribbon on it? And that's why I decided to make these taggy pillows.

They're soft and squishy and the ribbons are silky and soft. They are 4 1/2" square so they're perfect for little hands to hold and squeeze. I've been making them out of bright fabrics that babies like. They also have two plastic rings attached to give teething babies something to chew on. These can be removed for washing. You can find these and others in my etsy or artfire stores. They would make a great gift basket item!

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Karen said...

Those pillows are adorable! I haven't seen anything like those! Great idea...Would love you to check out my blog and make a comment if you would like!