Saturday, January 2, 2010

Being There

My little great nephew Brody (whom I refer to as my little leprechaun)was born on New Year's eve two years ago. I didn't get to see him in person until he was 18 months old. It's very difficult when you live 750 miles away from your family and only see them once a year. Especially when the little ones seem to grow so fast!Because of living so far away, I don't get to go to very many b-day parties or family events. But, thanks to modern technology and the internet, I was fortunate enough to attend little Brody's 2nd b-day party yesterday. How is that possible you ask. Why the answer is just a download away--Skype. I had recently discovered this wonderful program shortly after I received my laptop. My laptop has a built-in camera and I was so excited to discover this because now, even though I can't be at family events and holidays in person, I can still "be" there.Niece Amy and my Brother (her dad) Bub.

So, thanks to Skype I got to visit with family and friends for two hours while they gathered together to celebrate the New Year and little Brody's second year of life. It was a lot of fun and I along with my family, enjoyed it. Now if only they could invent a computer that would let you give real hugs and kisses.Amy (Brody's mom) & her newest, Chase

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