Thursday, March 25, 2010

Name That Bag Contest

I am so in love with this new bag! I love the style, the size, and I especially love how the bottom looks. I plan to make this bag in several sizes:
small (approx. 6" x 6")
medium (approx. 7" x 7")
large (approx. 8: x 8")
The one pictured is a medium. When opened, it looks like a square bucket. It has two inside pockets and closes with a loop that fits over a button on the front of bag. The large bag will also have the choice of a front outside pocket.

The only problem I have is finding a name for it, so this is what I decided to do: whoever comes up with the most creative name will win one of these in their choice of size and fabric! I will leave this contest open until Friday, April 2nd (don't want to announce a winner on April Fool's Day--they might think it's a joke!). So, let's hear those creative name suggestions! You can also enter as many times as you wish!


Anonymous said...

Maybe it is just me, but the style reminds me of a sand dollar, or an envelope! I love it!!!!!

OK, what about the envelope tote? Cause it "envelopes in at the top"

I like that.

Tangerine Kitty said...

Um...aren't bags hard to name.
Since you said it looks like a square bucket than how abot The Bucket Bag?? I love that fabric too.

Tangerine Kitty said...

Um...aren't bags hard to name.
Since you said it looks like a square bucket than how abot The Bucket Bag?? I love that fabric too.

Barbra said...

The Sassy Bucket bag! Very pretty!

Midcentury Marilyn said...

For no reason out of the blue the split second I saw this the words "Swizzle Stick" popped into my head!

Linda said...

The first thing that came to my mind is the "X Factor" bag because of the X on the bottom and that it opens with a loose interpretation of an X. Very snazzy bag (could be another name too).

out-of-the-attic-2u Store said...

The Pink Kaleidoscope

Chigger Hill Cottage said...

Love your design! When I first saw it, a name came to mind of a folded paper game we used to play in school. We called those folded things "cootie catchers"! Not that your purses look like they would catch cooties!... I loved em enough to comment! Great style! Good work!

My Book Barn said...

Great bag! It's really cute! The first thing I thought of was the Sassy Square!

Comycgyrl said...

Ok this is really a hard game for me, I am too butch for purses and bags, lol... hmmm I am going to say the Sasdo bag, its a sassy to do bag. That'll bout do it for me.

hottiehandbags said...

This is a very creative bag.

My nomination for bag name:



Suravi said...

It's lovely! The bottom reminds me of a gift-wrapped package and the way it closes/top view reminds me of a gift bag. So maybe something like "Sassy Gift Bag!"

It also reminds me of origami, so how about the "Origami Purse/Tote/Bag?!"

funstuff said...

I think the pink should be "Picnic in the park" Because its color reminds of spring. The faces say "Family and Friends" And with shape being square , you could use it to bring foods and beverages on a Picnic in the Park."

Pam said...

The view from the top reminds me of an oragami project. I like the intricate designs possible with the ancient art of paper folding. I think ORAGAMI would be an appropriate name for this really cute bag! Thanks for the chance to win. Pam Frederick

Abellamiento said...

When I saw this very cute purse, I thought of "why not", as in:

-Why not buy that for a gift for someone?

-Why not buy it for myself?

-Why not use it for a trip to the store?

-Why not use it for a makeup bag?

-Why not get used to getting a lot of compliments for this bag?

So, there you go, The Why Not Bag.

Meryl said...

Tried to locate this before...must have been late;~0

My first thought when I saw this adorable bag was "Indian Summer". How is that for a product title?

Meryl said...

Origami for me, too. Um "Wrap it and Pack it" bag.


WillOaks Studio said...

Responding to its' shape when in use, How about "Soft Bucket?" or "Square Bucket?"

That's it! "The 'Lil Bit Sassy Square Bucket Bag!"

Hey, that was fun!

Marian Cates said...

How about "Sassy Bag" as a name for your great bags? It's a name that is fun to say, which would promote "word-of-mouth" promotion of the product. It's also easy to remember for all who know of your "Sassy" shop. An adjective could be added for each individual bag, using alliteration where possible, as in "Shiny Sassy Bag," "Seashell Sassy Bag," "Sophisticated Sassy Bag," "Shirtwaist SassyBag,"Silly Sassy Bag," "Super Sassy Bag," etc. Variations in spelling the name: Sassy Bag, SassyBag, Sassybag.

Whatever you call it, you've got an attractive and useful product!


Eccentricity said...

Cute style - I think it reminds me of a "Heavenly Haversack". I wonder if Google would find that name?????
It is a realy nice bag.

Tracy said...

(Okay forgive me if this is a duplicate... I got the dreaded 404 error when I hit send the first time!)

I can actually see me trading in my bum bag to carry this adorable bag around town,striding around like Carrie Bradshaw (or for 'my' generation, Mary Tyler Moore). For me, it has the feel of a "Goldilocks" bag - it's juuuuust right. Unlike so many suitcase-sized bags out there these days, these seem to have plenty of room without looking like you're toting around Mary Poppins' carpetbag.

Goldilocks Bag? Maybe. But in my mind I think I'd always consider it my "Big City Bag".