Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's In a Name?

Have you ever wondered where some sellers come up with their names? I know I do. I'm sure there's a story behind practically every name. For instance, I named my shop Lil' Bit Sassy because so many people have called me Lilbit because I'm small. The "sassy" part came because, well, I tend to be a bit sassy too. Hence, Lil' Bit Sassy.  Most people I know say that it suits me well.  I believe that if you have a unique, maybe even humorous, shop name then buyers may be more likely to purchase from you.

The reason I'm blogging about names is because I have been thinking of opening another etsy shop just for my purses, accessories, and non-baby/children items.  All I have to do is think of a name.  Since I'd like to focus mainly on purses and bag, I'd like the name to be appropriate for those items. I'd also like something on the humorous side since I like to laugh. A lot. I have received a few good suggestions such as: Hag Bags, which I really liked, but alas, there is a website called that. Although I may be able to change it a bit. Maybe, say, Old Hag's Bags. Another name suggestion was Sassy Hag Bags. Or Sassy Bags--incorporating my Sassy name. 

So, do you have any suggestions? Would LOVE to hear them!


Lightbringer said...

I like Sassy Bags it fits with your established store and gives me a better mental impression than Hag Bags.

Anonymous said...

I love Sassy Bags! It definitely falls in line with your name, this way people stay familiar with your brand.

A few other suggestions perhaps since I know you want to get your brain thinking:

Sassy Couture
Sassy Couture Bags
Sassy Handbags
Purse and Bag
Lil' Purse and Bag
Lil' Sassy Purse
Lil' Sassy Bag
Bagging Sassy
Sassy Handbags & Accessories
Lil's Sassy Accessories & Bags

Hope this helps!