Friday, January 28, 2011

New Toy

Last year me and Mike had been talking about getting an embroidery machine. I thought it would be a great way to boost my sales if I could personalize some of my items. Plus I could embroider all types of things like kitchen towels, tote bags, etc. Well, we didn't get one last year. When Mike asked me a couple weeks before Christmas what I wanted, I told him a sewing chair would be fine. I don't like asking for expensive things so I didn't want to ask for that embroidery machine. But, I did decide to mention it. After discussing it he said that the finances were good enough that we could probably look into it. I was so excited!!

So, Mike being the researcher, started reading reviews and things online and decided that a Janome 300E or 350E would fit my needs. Well, it just so happened that I mentioned we were looking into embroidery machines when my aunt mentioned she had one she was willing to sell. So, after a couple weeks of talking (online), I mulled it over and decided hers was a pretty good deal--especially with all the supplies she was including with it.
 The machine is a White 3300. It's six years old but she only used it at Christmas and it still has four years left on the warranty. She paid $500 for it new. She sold me the machine and all these goodies for $850 (including shipping)! I think I got a pretty good deal considering all the supplies.  I don't have to worry about having to buy threads or stabilizers or anything to get started--I'm ready to go!
 Here is a list of all the goodies:
4 1/2 cases of thread (148 spools of 1,000 meter Madeira)
2 cone threads (black and white)
4 larger spools of thread
5 packs of needles
2 packs of spool caps
3 hoops (different sizes)
2 thread color cards
5 rolls of sulky (every kind possible)
5 designer discs (including the Disney and font disc that came with the machine)
Design reader for transferring designs from the computer to the machine
Pre-filled white bobbins
3 embroidery templates (3 sizes)
5 catalogs (for wholesale supplies and designs)
Embird binder (program manual for digitizing)
She also threw in some sample designs she stitched up:
After waiting ALL day in anticipation, my machine finally arrived yesterday at 5:00 (what a long day that was!). I haven't had time to play with it yet but I hope to this weekend. I have SO many ideas I want to try out!


Unknown said...

That is an awesome deal! Can't wait to see what you make with it!

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Love your stuff! I found you through Stuff Parents Need. Feel free to visit me back at: