Wednesday, March 23, 2011

40 Bikes, 40 Flags, 40 Heroes: Flight 93 Memorial Bike Ride

 As some of you may know, me and Mike are participating in a memorial bike run in September of this year for the Flight 93 Memorial Fund. We were so honored to be chosen to go on this ride. We will be leaving our town of Meadville, PA to be joined by other riders across the state on September 11, 2011 and will travel to the location where Flight 93 went down. There we will participate in a memorial ceremony to honor those passengers that were on the flight.

As you may not know, we are currently sponsoring ourselves on this ride. Sponsorship is $1,000, so we are looking for donations to help fund our ride. Any monies donated over the $1,000 sponsorship fee will go directly to the Flight 93 National Memorial Campaign. So, if you'd like to donate, please contact me directly for instructions at  Thank you in advance!

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