Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Little Early Spring Cleaning

Yesterday I decided to take a break from sewing and do a little spring cleaning. Since Mike wasn't coming home for lunch, I took advantage. I cleaned out and rearranged my kitchen cabinets.

I started with the two small cabinets that we keep glasses and cups in. Way too many!! We don't get many visitors, so I thought I would weed all the glasses and cups we didn't use out. I packed them in newspaper and put them in two (good sized) boxes and put them in the attic. That left me with two empty shelves once I got the glasses and cups I decided to keep back in the cabinet. So, I put my potatoes, onions , and chips (which were on the baker's rack in the dining room) on one shelf, and some smaller appliances (coffee grinder, coffee press, tea brewer) on the bottom shelf.

After that, I rearranged my baker's rack and put my Cuisinart processor attachments on it, my crockpot, and the toaster. So now I had some extra counterspace! Which I happened to be complaining about the other night while trying to fix dinner and no room to work! Now the trick will be to keep Mike from filling in that extra space! He's like his mother and thinks there should be something in every corner and nook and cranny--no empty spaces! It's annoying because I don't like clutter.

Then I went on to rearrange my cabinets a bit. I got all of my saucepans and pots in one cabinet! I also put all my baking pans on one shelf. So now everything is basically together and I don't have to open three different cabinets just to cook dinner. I still have two more cabinets to straighten out, but those won't take very long.

But I feel so much better now that my kitchen is a little more user friendly--not to mention a bit cleaner lol. Now if I could just get that bookcase out of the hallway......


KittsKrafts said...

Good for you! :-) Sounds like you accomplished a lot!

Pam said...

This makes me want to run to my kitchen and start cleaning! Seriously! I have been complaining for a month about the clutter but can't seem to find a day to just get it done, the sewing room keeps calling instead! Ha. I think I will get that kitchen cleaned this week.