Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: Kitchen Helpers

I have been seriously lacking on my tutorial Tuesday posts, so I think I'd better make that up! I've decided to do two tutorials today instead of just one. Hopefully you will find both items useful! The first tutorial I want to tell you about is a reusable produce bag by Mauby's. She's a fellow tweet, quilter,and  pattern maker.  This bag will make your produce last longer in your fridge, and best part is, won't cost much to make! To make this bag, just click on this link to Mauby's Blog: Produce Bag
Since we seem to be having a kitchen theme going, let's make our next tutorial also something you can use for kitchen. These are cute and handy hanging dish towels from Sassy Sanctuary. You make these using--well dish towels--so no extra fabric is needed.  You can make these to match your kitchen decor or even for holidays. They would also make great gifts! To see how they're made, just click on this link: Hanging Dish Towels

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