Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fabric Storage Baskets

I'm very excited to announce my next new item: fabric storage baskets! These are made the same way as my magnet baskets except in three sizes: 
Large: 12" wide x 7" high
Medium: 10" wide x 5 1/2" high
  Small: 7 1/2" wide x 4" high. 
These can either be hung or just set on a shelf. To hang them, you can slip either a curtain rod or painted dowel through the loops and place it on brackets. These are also reversible! Simply flip them inside out and you have a new look! They will also fit inside each other for storage.
I will be working on some of these this week and get them listed in my NEW Bonanzle  shop! This is where I will be selling items such as these, purses, and non-baby/children related items. I have a few things listed there now if you'd like to check it out.

I was going to give this set away on my blog, but alas, I had a "bad sewing day" and had some issues with how they turned out, so I will probably give this set to my mom or keep them for myself. I haven't quite decided on that yet.  I would like to give a set of them away in the future though.  Does that sound like a good deal to you?


Earringopia said...

I love these fabric storage baskets. They're beautiful and stylish and cuold be used for so many storage purposes.

Bargain Express said...

What a neat idea - I can see these as BIG sellers :)