Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Why Did I Unfollow You?

I am not offended very easily. I have a sarcastic, warped sense of humor and I usually just shrug things off and don't take things very personally. However of late, I have been offended. Repeatedly. By the same people. What is continuously offending me? I am being considered a racist. If you know me--personally--then I am sure your eyes have just widened considerably. If you do not know me very well, let me tell you a little bit about myself and then I will tell how it's come about that I've been called a racist.

I was raised in a household with two older brothers (who weren't nice at all to their little sister) and my parents. My dad worked two jobs to support us and keep a roof over our heads so the only time we really saw him was during weekends (he worked 1st and 2nd shifts so by the time he got home we were already in bed).  I loved my dad. I respected my dad. I thought my dad hung the moon. He was my hero. Therefore I hung on his every word and tried to live my life by the principles he taught us. One of those principles was that you did not judge a person by the color of their skin but rather by their merit, personality, who they were as a person. I have lived by this advice every day of my life. I pride myself on not "seeing" color when I look at a person. And I have never, EVER uttered the "N" word in my LIFE and nor would I utter it now. If I had even said that word when I was growing up I probably wouldn't of been able to pick myself up off the floor for a week.

Now, considering all this, how do you wonder, could I have come to be called a racist? Well I suppose some people in these times, seem to think that if you do not support the current president or agree with his policies and if you stand up for America and what you believe in, and you don't have the same opinions as these said people, you are now all grouped as being racist. This is not only untrue, but it is also hurtful to those of use who are not racist in the slightest. As I have stated before, I tend not to take things personally nor get offended, but I cannot help to take this personal. "Racist" is an ugly word in my opinion, therefore being deemed as being one because I do not have the same political views or opinions of others is hurtful to me. And it makes me wonder, do others see me this way too because of what I believe in? I certainly hope they do not.

Because of this reason, and because I can no longer deal with being offended in this way, I have unfollowed some people on Twitter who I have been following for a long time. It's not political. I still follow others who do not agree with my political views, however; these people have never offended me the way these others have. These people are making me so angry and I do not want to be an angry person so I believe it is in my best interest, and theirs, to just unfollow them. I will miss our joking around but I just cannot deal with offensive remarks any longer. I hope you have a very happy and healthy life.  All I ask is that maybe you should think of people and who they are before you call them ugly names and group them all together because you don't agree politically.

Oh, and some of you just post links to things which doesn't offend me--just annoys the crap out of me.


Lindsey said...

((hugs)) I am so sorry that certain people have upset you so.

I happen to agree with you that not supporting our president for political reasons does not make one a racist. I don't like Obama so much, either, and I'm viewed rather maliciously by those to whom I have revealed this. It is an ugly thing, but one that the country will unfortunately have to endure until presidents of all races become the norm. Good for you for standing up for your principles.

Bargain Express said...

BRAVO Sassy - I'm so proud of you :) I don't believe disagreeing with someone's politics constitutes racism! Shame on them for not practicing what they preach as far as name calling.

Linda said...

You have always been a stand up gal and that's what I love about you. You speak the truth. Not everyone will agree with the truth as you tell it. Those who have to resort to calling names have to do something to make themselves feel better - they are probably pretty miserable people since they think their behavior in public society is appreciated in any way. They are to be pitied; you, my friend, are to be applauded!